Published the long-awaited work in scientific circles throughout the Balkans

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The long-awaited work in scientific circles throughout the Balkans, the study titled "The
Episcopate of Bregalnica and Morobisdon from VII to XIV century" by Kiril Trajkovski

"This study is his dissertation theme initiated by the results arisen from the realization of the
project Medieval Morobisdon (1980-1999) whose director he was.
For the fundamental support of the main gravitational topic, an overview is given of all thus
far recorded and researched sites in the eastern Macedonian areas from the time of the first
Christianization to the barbarian incursions in the VI and VII century and onwards, to the fall
of some of them and to the existence throughout the Middle Ages during the Bulgarian and
Serbian domination intertwined with the longest constant (intermittent) Byzantine and then
Ottoman domination of these areas.
In addition, 22 sites are processed, all historical sources are listed and all possible segments
have been extracted from the historical sources in which the settlement is mentioned, with
some differences in its naming, yet connected to this day to the existing settlement Morodvis,
which is otherwise a binding historical vertical with the Episcopate of the early Middle Ages,
the main church center for our author in the Bregalnica area.

Kiril Spasikov Trajkovski gave his professional maximum in this work of his, which he failed
to complete along the way, but left it as kind of a whole. The team, without which Kiril could
not have imagined his professional functionality, as well as his life story, consisted of Misho
Milojevic, Pere Toshev, Blazho Gjeorgjievski and Pasko Kuzman. "
– Pasko Kuzman

The editor of this monographic edition is Ana Jordanova-Dubrovska, MA, and the publisher
is the NI Archaeological Museum of Republic of North Macedonia.
The publication is financially supported by the Ministry of Culture of Republic of North
Macedonia and the Kiril Trajkovski Foundation.
The catalog is available for sale at the Museum Store of the Archaeological Museum.