European Heritage Days celebrated with an educational workshop for the members of the day center “Dose of happiness”

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As part of the announced event “European Heritage Days” and in accordance with this year’s theme of the event – “Heritage All-Inclusive!” we invited members of the day center “Dose of happiness”, who so far haven’t visited the museum.

In addition to visiting the permanent museum exhibition, a workshop was organized in the educational corner of the museum.

After visiting the museum exhibitions, we modeled clay objects together. We are delighted with the interest that our dear friends have shown, who tried to make presentations of various objects, and at the end they staged a performance including song, dance, as well as choreography on their favorite Hip Hop-mix.

Although it is not the first time for the museum to welcome groups with disabilities, the European Heritage Days itself aims to raise awareness about  the common cultural and historical heritage throughout Europe, and which should be accessible to all.