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Keeping up with the trends in museology around the world, more precisely the educational part of it, as part of the NI Archaeological Museum of Republic of North Macedonia, an Archaeological workshop for children from pre-school and school age was created. Its goal is to teach children from an early age about the archaeology and cultural heritage of the Republic of North Macedonia.

This workshop presents an opportunity for the youngest population to gain knowledge about the rich cultural heritage through a series of activities. As part of these activities, apart from lectures adapted to the age of the participants, several other interactive contents are planned that will provide the children with the opportunity to creatively express their impressions and acquired knowledge about archaeology, as well as the rich archaeological artefacts from the Republic of North Macedonia in clay modelling, painting, drawing or writing essays.

In that way, through play they can get acquainted at first hand with the archaeology as a complex science, its core and tasks, as well as the opportunity to trace the path of the archaeological artefacts, starting from the depths of the earth to the museum’s showcases.

Part of the exhibition area of the NI Archaeological Museum of Republic of North Macedonia, with the size of 50 square meters, intended for temporary exhibitions, was partitioned of and space was created to accommodate the needs of the workshop. The space was equipped with the basic objects necessary for its unhindered functioning, like tables, chairs, linoleum flooring. To satisfy the needs of this workshop regarding the interactive segment, the following was produced: archaeological situation – simulation of an archaeological site where the children can excavate, archaeological profile with the help of which the children can learn about the periods in their chronological order and will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the most representative artefacts from all periods whose commercial copies are incorporated in the profile, blackboards and other objects essential for the work of this workshop.
Apart from working with children that are included in regular schooling, this workshop organizes educational-creative workshops for people with disabilities – autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, physical or intellectual disability, vision and hearing impairment.

The educational workshops are also organized in the Neolithic village “Tumba Madzari”.