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How to reach the museum


Dimitar Vlahov b.b., 1000 Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia

  • Phone: +389 2 3233 999
  • e-mail:

Public transport

  • Bus station „Kale“

Buses: 2, 2А, 8, 12, 19

Buses: 3, 3Б, 4, 4А, 5, 7, 7Б, 15, 21, 22, 24, 26, 50, 57, 57А, 59

  • Bus station „MNT

Buses: 16, 26, 50, 57, 57А, 17А


Ticket information

General admission

Individual ticket for the permanent exhibition (citizens of North Macedonia)

  • Students and seniors – 50 denars
  • Organized group of more than 6 people, 29 and over – 50 denars

Free admission (citizens of North Macedonia)

  • Children – 7 and under
  • Economically disadvantaged individuals
  • Children from group homes
  • Students (every Thursday)
  • High schoolers (every Wednesday)
  • People with disabilities

Individual ticket for the permanent exhibition (foreign visitors)

  • 150 denars
  • Students (ISIC, Euro 26 – card discounts don’t apply for temporary exhibitions) – 150 denars

Group tickets (foreign visitors)

– Organized group of more than 6 people– 150 denars
– Museum guide included in the ticket price

Groups of more than 6 are asked to book their visit in advance by contacting:
Phone: +389 70 366 096

* According to the working hours of the Museum, you can buy the last tickets no later than 5:00 PM 


 The museum is accessible, cooperates with organizations and associations for people with disabilities (autistic spectrum, ADHD, physical disability, mental disability, deaf and hard of hearing people, as well as visually impaired people) and continuously realizes creative workshops adapted to their needs.

People with disabilities are always welcome at the Archaeological Museum, our employees have knowledge of the specificities of these people and can respond accordingly to their needs.

The educational workshops, apart from the educational corner in the museum, are also held in the Neolithic village “Tumba Madzari”.



The Museum is accessible to visitors with disabilities and carries out exhibitions and creative workshops adjusted to the needs of the visitors 

Visit protocol



Map of the museum