Department of Antiquity

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The Antiquity department collects, processes, expertly and scientifically researches and presents museum artefacts that belong to the Antiquity in North Macedonia – starting from the Classical period (second half of 5th century BC) until the end of Antiquity (6th century AD).

The Antiquity in North Macedonia is key in the establishment of the main components of the civilizational and cultural matrix of the population in the broader Mediterranean area during and after the conquers of Alexander III of Macedon, becoming the most powerful factor in building the history of the entire world at the time.

In the period that follows, Macedonia is the crossroad between the east and the west half of the Roman Empire, foundation of the differences and similarities of yet another world empire, that held its power during the Early Christian period and thus entered the turbulent events of the Middle Ages.
All of these historical achievements as collective memory are depicted in the archaeological artefacts that are attended to by the Department of Antiquity of The Archaeological Museum of Republic of North Macedonia.