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The holiday Epiphany or Theophany is one of the greatest Christian holidays. On this day according to the Christian tradition St. John the Baptist baptized Jesus Christ in the Jordan River.

It is called Theophany because during the very act of baptism the heavens opened and the Holy Spirit appeared in the shape of a dove.

By immersion in the water the old sinful man dies, and by coming out of the water he comes out (comes to life) cleansed and reborn.

Thus this holiday gives meaning to the baptism as one of the most sacred mysteries of Christianity. Baptism also means spiritual birth, that is, the initiation into the life in the faith.

The religious holiday Epiphany is celebrated every year with a ceremony of throwing the holy cross into a river or lake by a priest, and the believers jump in the water after it. The cross is a symbol of Christianity and life; therefore it is believed that he who catches the cross will be blessed with happiness and prosperity throughout the year.

In accordance with today’s great Orthodox holiday, we present to you a bronze cross, encolpion (double cross) of a high priest from an unknown site, dating from the Late Medieval Period, XIV century.