Opening of the exhibition “The cultural heritage of Kochani and the Kochani region through photographs”

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Today, at 12 o’clock in the premises of the library “Iskra” in Kochani the exhibition “The cultural heritage of Kocani and the Kochani region through photographs” will be opened.

The basic idea on which the exhibition is prepared is the continuity of inhabitation in this area that goes almost 9000 years back, supported by using a selection of portion of the cultural heritage shown through photographs.

The concept of the exhibition and the choice of material was made by Ilinka Atanasova, most of the photographs are by Aleksandar Gorgiev and Ljubinka Ajtovska, and older photographs made by Stefan Atanasov were also used.

During the selection, the emphasis, with partial exceptions, is placed on the portable material exhibited in the Ethno House in Kocnani, in the two permanent exhibitions – archaeological and ethnological, which are continuously supplemented with new material.

An attempt has been made to penetrate, at least partially, the cultural content of this region, through hundreds of presented objects and objects and to visualize the results of more than three decades of research related to the Kochani region. In order to visually bring nearer and create a broader picture of the region, the photographs follow a chronological display, with specifics associated with certain cultural periods.

This chronological postcard begins by entering through the gates of the urban Kochani core from the past, from the first half of the 20th century, going back to the New Stone Age.

This photo walk through the cultural past of Kochani is completed with several photos of the necessary raw materials in the immediate vicinity, used from the New Stone Age until today.

The exhibition will be open to visitors until November 18.