The Archaeological Museum is part of the manifestation “Strumica, city of culture”

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Tonight, the Archaeological Museum was part of the event “Strumica, city of culture” with the premiere of the documentary about the Neolithic village or the Open-Air Museum “Tumba Madzari”.

The documentary is of an educational nature that aims at greater popularization of the archeological site Tumba Madzari, as well as introducing the general public to the values ​​of the Neolithic culture on the territory of Macedonia.

The director of the museum, Dr. Slavica Babamova, addressed the audience and thanked the team that contributed to making the video.

–  Screenplay and text – Elena Kanzurova

–  Video and editing – Martin Gievski

–  Photo – Branislav Atanaskovic

– Narration – Marina Spirova

* Our late colleague Dr. Dragisha Zdravkovski, Elena Kanzurova, MA and Toni Mitrev are to be credited for the realization and opening of the Neolithic village “Tumba Madzari”.